Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we only sell and lease new vehicles. Unless otherwise stated.

Yes, We are able to obtain any make or model you are looking for. Please speak with a sales representative at 718-213-4500 for further assistance with this.

If you can’t find the exact car you a looking for, we can work with one of our dealer partners to custom order a vehicle for you. You’ll get all the convenience of our hassle-free broker service. We can still negotiate a great price for custom orders and we’ll always make sure you receive all available incentives and finance/lease programs. Once the car is received from the manufacturer, we’ll schedule delivery to your home or office.

Yes. We can always work with our dealer partners to beat advertised lease specials for a given make/model. The advertised lease special is often confusing to buyers. We can walk you through the numbers and help you make a good decision on finding the properly equipped car for your needs, along with a lease program most advantageous to you. For many people, leasing makes great sense.

Sorry. Our service is for new car and truck purchases because we are extremely confident of the product quality. We can negotiate and secure cars across hundreds of dealers knowing that you are getting a brand new vehicle regardless of source. With used cars and trucks, mileage and condition is a much bigger factor, so it is much harder to broker a transaction without the customer test driving that specific vehicle.

We will feature cars across a broad range of categories, including SUVs, Minivans, Luxury Sedans, Hybrids, Crossovers, and others. The specific cars, colors, and options packages selected are commonly available, so you should get your car in a timely fashion. Car Connect Auto Group can offer very attractive lease deals on other cars not listed on our website, so don’t hesitate to request a custom lease on the specific vehicle you are interested in.

Yes. Our services are available to car shoppers Nationwide thru our vast network of dealers.


We may ship a vehicle across the state or even cross country in order to take advantage of large regional price differences or in order to provide you with a rare car that is only available hundreds of miles away. In these cases, we may charge an additional transport fee that typically ranges between $250-$400. This will be fully disclosed to you prior to any commitment on your part.

We will often locate vehicles and deals near the customer. If that’s not possible we call one of our fleet of transport companies to deliver vehicles as quickly as possible to your front door.

Your new car warranty is included just as if you bought it from a new car dealership. Take it to any local dealership.

“$0 Down” signifies that there is a $0 capital cost reduction. This does not necessarily mean that there will be $0 due at signing. You will incur fees including tax, tags, title, and first month’s payment at the time that you sign the lease.


If you are unable to cover these costs at the time of the signing, discuss this with our financial specialists who can offer you a plan that spreads this initial payment and fees throughout the term of the lease.

Our sales specialist can assist almost anyone in a new lease or purchase, there is no specific guideline for credit approval. Generally, you should have a credit score over 650 to get a approval.


Bankruptcies, tax liens, late payments, missed payments and child support are some of the things that may affect you from getting approved.

After you choose a vehicle for lease or finance we can normally deliver it to you within the next 24 Hours.


In the case that we do not have a specific make or model within your area, we will be able to locate the desired vehicle in an outside market, which can take up to 2 to 3 business days for delivery.

Yes, additional mileage options are available (10K, 12K, 15K, 18K, 20K Miles Per Year) Please speak with a sales representative at 718-213-4500 for further assistance with this.

License & registration fees are included in your lease drive offs. You do not have to go to the DMV.


When you take delivery of your vehicle, the dealer will handle the necessary steps in supplying you with your first set of license plates. When you receive your car, you will be provided temporary tags until your registration card arrive in the mail. 

Other companies charge a fee or collect a deposit from you early in the process because their customer retention rate is low and they want to be paid whether they find you a car or not, or use your deposit for operating capital. Our experience is that when customers are treated professionally they are more likely to purchase a car from you and return to us for their next vehicle. Collecting unnecessary fees shows a lack of trust and does not build good relationships.

This is one of the many things that helps to set us apart from all the other car leasing companies in the area. We actually don’t have a lot that you can come visit. This helps us to keep our prices low and ensure we can have the largest possible inventory for you. Instead, browse through our inventory online and work directly with your sales professional who will bring your lease right to your doorstep.

We can help you with every aspect of getting your new vehicle. We offer the best possible rates, and terms that will work for you and your needs. We also have the lowest interest rates possible to ensure our customers are completely happy.

We work directly with the manufactures banks. In select cases TD Bank, Bank Of America, Chase Auto Finance or another lender may have a better APR offer, in that case your sales representative will notify you about the potential additional savings.

Car Connect has established relationships with lenders across the country, which means they offer great rates and great selection. Plus, they do the work for you—there’s no need to meet with banks over the course of days or weeks. Many manufacture banks also offer special incentives for financing with them. However you are more then welcome to bring your own bank for financing.

Car Connect Auto Group Offers Lease & Finance Deals Across All Makes & Models. We work with customers across New York Metro Area (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Long Island) as well New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania & Delaware. Please contact us to learn more about our top monthly lease specials
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