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Car Connect Auto Group offers a hassle-free car buying service where we act as an auto broker for your new car purchase. Similar to when buying or selling a house, a broker will help you through all aspects of the transaction. We work with over 1,300+ dealers across the Tri-State Area on your behalf so you can avoid many hours typically spent negotiating or sitting in the Finance office at the dealership.

We work directly with manufacturer’s fleet departments to receive whole-sale pricing. We use our savings and all available incentives & rebates to deliver the best possible deals to our clients. Our revolutionary process saves time and resources, and has already helped thousands of people with their purchase.

Our team of highly experienced sales-consultants is committed to helping you choose a car you like, finding the best possible deal for it, and delivering to your home. We keep our clients informed and strive to maintain clarity throughout the leasing process. For every client, our goal is to maintain comfort and satisfaction throughout the transaction. Unlike the car-buying procedure of the past, our process is quick and hassle free, and we don’t require you to visit us to get started.

People use Car Connect Auto Group because our specialists have a pulse on the market and are privy to proprietary manufacturer information on various lease and purchase programs only made available to dealerships.


Ultimately It comes down to how much time you are willing to spend to find the right car and negotiate a deal. Even if you contact multiple dealers and play them off one another, you still may not have received the best overall deal. Furthermore, you may end up with a second-choice of color or options that you didn’t really want or need. Allow us to tap in to our pool of over 1,300 Dealerships and find the right car, at the best price for you!


How much money will I save using Car Connect Auto Group?

The actual dollar amount will vary based on supply and demand for the specific make/model you desire. An easy way to save money is to find and buy a car that is equipped with the features and options you really want. We search the entire state of New York and often times the entire eastern U.S. to find the perfect or nearest match to your preferences.


There are situations where we can save thousands of dollars because we will work with dealers who focus more on volume and less on gross profit per vehicle. That said, if, for example, you are buying a car in extremely short supply, you may save only a few hundred dollars, but the benefit beyond the monetary savings will be satisfaction gained by getting the car in the color you like and with the features you prefer.

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"Always do more than is required of you" We at Car Connect strive to go above and beyond for all our customers. Providing industry leading service and satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, We are able to obtain any make or model you are looking for. Please speak with a sales representative at 718-213-4500 for further assistance with this.

Yes, we only sell and lease new vehicles unless otherwise stated.

Yes. We can always work with our dealer partners to beat advertised lease specials for a given make/model. The advertised lease special is often confusing to buyers. We can walk you through the numbers and help you make a good decision on finding the properly equipped car for your needs, along with a lease program most advantageous to you. For many people, leasing makes great sense.

We will feature cars across a broad range of categories, including SUVs, Minivans, Luxury Sedans, Hybrids, Crossovers, and others. The specific cars, colors, and options packages selected are commonly available, so you should get your car in a timely fashion. CarConnect can offer very attractive lease deals on other cars not listed on our website, so don’t hesitate to request a custom lease on the specific vehicle you are interested in.

“$0 Down” signifies that there is a $0 capital cost reduction. This does not necessarily mean that there will be $0 due at signing. You will incur fees including tax, tags, title, and first month’s payment at the time that you sign the lease.

If you are unable to cover these costs at the time of the signing, discuss this with our financial specialists who can offer you a plan that spreads this initial payment and fees throughout the term of the lease.

Our sales specialist can assist almost anyone in a new lease or purchase, there is no specific guideline for credit approval. Generally, you should have a credit score over 650 to get a approval.


Bankruptcies, tax liens, late payments, missed payments and child support are some of the things that may affect you from getting approved.

After you choose a vehicle for lease or finance we can normally deliver it to you within the next 24 Hours.

Yes, additional mileage options are available (10K, 12K, 15K, 18K, 20K Miles Per Year) Please speak with a sales representative at 718-213-4500 for further assistance with this.

No. Our fee is already included in our low prices. There is no additional fee to use our services.

Car Connect Auto Group Offers Lease & Finance Deals Across All Makes & Models. We work with customers across New York Metro Area (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Long Island) as well New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania & Delaware. Please contact us to learn more about our top monthly lease specials
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